Testimonial #1

I highly recommend Dentistry@Rockland Dental clinic. I went to them for an estimate, which was free of charge. When they noticed my gum was abscessed as I had only half of a tooth left, they immediately checked for an opening for me within a few minutes the dentist was available and without me feeling anything she froze me and pulled out the partial tooth and disinfected my gum. Included in the price that I paid for this, which was reasonable, they also gave me a follow up to make sure the gum healed. Thank you for the excellent service.

Testimonial #2

Staff and dentist were very professional and were almost excellent. The receptionist Gisele is very pleasant, knowledgeable. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Très bon service.

Testimonial #3

Friendly personnel Fast and efficient treatment.

Testimonial #4

Always excellent service! Thanks

Testimonial #5

It was absolutely a great experience. Great dentist and assistant!

Testimonial #6

Friendly, honest and quick.

Testimonial #7

I started out with a lot of anxiety about the implant procedure, but it was quickly over come by Dr. Raja Sandhu's professionalism and gentle informative manner. This turned out to be a very positive experience!! Tracy Dr. Sandhus assistant helped add to my comfort and put me at ease.

Testimonial #8

Super and again super! Very happy thank you.

Testimonial #9

Best dentist around! Caring and friendly staff.

Testimonial #10

Dr. R. Sandhu
I want to tell you how much I enjoy my new dental implants. best thing I ever did! When you first spoke to me about it, I thought it was a joke and my mind immediately went to NO WAY! I was convinced it was to expensive and I was not going through such a scary process! I ended up watching the process on the tv in the waiting room. Very good advertisement because it convinced me to go with the implants - seemed like the best investment.

I remember watching you work with a mirror and I was very very impressed with how much care you gave me and the expertise you demonstrated. I don't remember feeling any pain at all.
You and you team are so professional, kind , patient and caring throughout the whole procedure, its great!

Now I have wonderful teeth (implants) that properly balance out my mouth and it makes me feel great.
You were right, it is the best investment I could have made.

This will last the rest of my life.
My mouth is finally feeling great again.
Thank you so very much, Dr.Sandhu and Team, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Testimonial #11

"My new teeth have made it possible to return to eating foods I use to enjoy and also enjoying other foods prepared the way I like as opposed to them being ruined by having to prepare them soft and mushy. Even more importantly being able to chew properly makes digestion of all the foods easier and I have reduced gas and stomach pain."

Testimonial #12

"I just want to mention as well, the dentist who did the work to my mouth did an absolutely amazing job!! I don't know her name (Dr. Grewal), but, she was awesome and my mouth looks and feels fantastic!! If you could just let her know that I am super impressed and will no longer be quite so apprehensive to visit. I am so thrilled with the service I received, I'm literally suggesting strongly to my 250 cupe members that they give your office a try. Very impressed for sure!"

Testimonial #13

"I expect that many people would hesitate going down the road of implants. However after experiencing decades of loose dentures, I have finally come to enjoy firmly fitting dentures with the implant procedure. I fully recommend the process. I now have well fitting dentures with both top and bottom implants. Thank you to the team!"

Testimonial #14

"Painless and went very well. It was much better than expected!"

Testimonial #15

"Dr. Raja Sandhu and entire practice are a cohesive team that prioritizes your health, confidence, and comfort above all. During the past year, I have used Dr. Raja's expertise in order to decide which services were best for me - I decided to move forward with dental implants. The advancement of dental technology is impressive; dental implants are no longer complicated and expensive - but rather a great solution to bettering both your dental health and confidence in your smile. The procedure is fast and effective, with minimal recovery time. It works so well that you are now chewing food properly, your smile is improved, and you have the confidence to face the public again."

Testimonial #16

"Dr.Kapur is amazing! I have never enjoyed a visit tot the dentist so much - painless and caring!
Beth ( A happy patient) :) "

Testimonial #17

"Great Admin staff! Dental staff were thorough and really took the time to assess my condition before doing a root canal and crown. It was a great experience!"

Testimonial #18

"I would highly recommend this office and Dr. R Sandhu. I have gotten implant supported dentures which has improved my quality of life, I can eat good. I am very happy and have been welcomed to return anytime for adjustments".

Testimonial #19

"My visit was smooth. Very attentive to my needs. I have sensitive teeth, I felt nothing when they froze me I had no pain and no ill effect. Dr. Taif was very smooth and very professional. Wasn’t her first ¨rodeo¨. The work preformed was very well done".

Testimonial #20

"Everything was great!"

Testimonial #21

"I have had nothing but pleasant experiences here. Everyone is courteous, helpful and kind. I would highly recommend this clinic."

Testimonial #22

"Had a routine cleaning. Got in right on time. On issues at all. "

Testimonial #23

Very friendly + professional Team! Quick and efficient service.

Testimonial #24

Dr Sandhu was very honest. I was very happy that everything was explained very well. Excellent interview + excellent service.

Testimonial #25

My experience was extremly good. I thanks everyone in this clinic. With Trus and Honest. Thank you!

Testimonial #26

I was in pain, not anymore! I am very happy and very thankful for Dr sahdhu’s hard work. He is the best dentist I have ever had. He is trustful and reliable whenever I needed his help he was there for me 24/7. I am also grateful for his patience since I have High blood pressure and diabetes, my healing takes longer. I think everyone should ask for the best, Dr Sandhu. No more pain after 15 years, Thanks to Dr Sandhu.

Testimonial #27

Awesome People!

Testimonial #28

Was Excellent, no pain during cleaning, very timely, good experience.

Testimonial #29

Truly the best most professional down to earth staff / dentist that I have ever been to. Our family is beyond happy : )

Testimonial #30

Amazing. Have not been in years I will finally improve what I have wanted to for years. Thank you so much.

Testimonial #31

To Dr Sandhu and Staff
Many thanks for giving me my fantastic smile that I have been waiting 30 years for. My friends and family can't believe how nice of a smile I have now, And I can finally bite an apple! I am very happy!!

Testimonial #32

Great service. Thank you!

Testimonial #33

Best dental experience. Incredibly friendly staff. Thank you for caring for our family so well

Testimonial #34

How grateful I am that I can site my experience with Dr. Sandhu and his staff at Dentistry@Rockland. From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcomed and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself. Dr. Sandhu inspires the utmost confidence by his wealth of knowledge, skill and professionalism.
All my life I have dreamt of having a nice smile but never thought it would happen. Now, I can smile with confidence for the first time in many years. I thank Dr. Sandhu for giving me my confidence and smile back and it is much better with dental implants and it was all worth both the time and the cost.
I would recommend Dr. Sandhu implant dentistry center to anyone thinking about dental implants. It is very reassuring to know that you are in good hands when it comes to such a complex procedure. Dr Sandhu is a leader in his field. He has also spent time explaining all the steps of the treatment which I find very helpful and reassuring in making such an important decision.
Dr. Sandhu skill and style was outstanding and made the whole process painless and very comfortable. He is simply the best at what he does. His extensive training and experience combined with exceptional work gives me the confidence to know that the care and treatment will both exceeded my expectations and last a lifetime.
Long may you continue to make dreams come true I am certainly more than happy to be your “All on Four” ambassador.

Testimonial #35

Pleasant, efficient, friendly. I could not ask for a better team to provide me with care, from reception to chair the staff is wonderful.

Testimonial #36

Fast and easy :) also great with my kids!

Testimonial #37

Very informative and very welcoming feeling.

Testimonial #38

Très satisfait!